Angelique Boyer as Teresa Chávez Aguirre de la Barrera Fotos

Do you familiar with Teresa Chávez Aguirre de la Barrera on Teresa telenovelas? The beautiful teresa was portrayed by Angelique boyer a a French-born Mexican actress, model, and singer. Teresa was her first protagonist roles on telenovelas series. On teresa telenovelas she also played as the main villains. it's really a controversial roles.

This telenovela tells the story of a very ambitious woman, justifies any means in getting her ambition. This Mexican telenovela starring Angelique Boyer as Teresa Chávez Aguirre, a girl born to a poor family, and she described seemed to reject her destiny. Teresa always manipulated circumstances, her life is full of lies. This Teresa telenovelas was still aired in United states until 3rd october 2011.

before this she appear on several telenovelas series as the secondary roles such as in Rebelde, Muchachitas como tú, and Corazón Salvaje.

Angelique boyer's acting as teresa Chávez Aguirre de la Barrera the Arturo's college student, Rosa's sister, Luisa's ex-sister-in-law, Aurora's ex-best friend, Juana's goddaughter, was in love with Mariano, "separated" from Arturo and in love with him, seduces Fernando for his fortune, Refugio's and Armando's daughter. has bring her to win Premios TVyNovelas Award for Best Actress 2011.

Don't miss the ending of Teresa only on Televisa

Here's more photos of the beautiful angelique boyer and the Trailers of teresa

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